Climbing the stakes - Part 3

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In the third part of his series, Opabumbi talks about table and seat selection, adaptation, thinking in ranges and the blinds structure.


Climbing the Stakes series Theory Video

  • mika78


  • mika78


    great viedeo, I lover this series but the sound is very bad.
  • kammikammerl


    Hi mika78?
    Why do you complain about the sound quality of this video? I just checked it and it seems OK...

  • bowmaker


    Auch wenn die Serie in Englisch ist, darf man hier schon wieder in der Landessprache, oder?
    Großes Lob an Opabumbi, sehr interessantes Video (auch wenn ich noch meilenweit von 2/4, 3/6 entfernt bin)und ich finde den Ton total in Ordnung!
  • mika78


    @ #3
  • mika78


    Aslo bei mir brummt es einfach im Hintergrund und in anderen Videos tritt das nicht auf, sollte also nicht an meinem Rechner liegen.
  • kevvu


    Hey, nice vid. It was fun to watch how u handle villains against who i have played also ;). I am just 16$ down against you :D (i thought u are tag with weird donkey name). Helpful vid, when having massive downswing.
  • OnkelHotte


    @4: Sure, I can not give you an order to write in english but I would appreciate if you would do as otherwise non-germans are excluded from any discussion.

  • Tijfg


    Where can I find part I and II ?
  • Witman


    I didn't watch part I and II, but this one rocks! Very nice!
    Keep on making videos like that!
  • JollyRoger183


    Hey Martin,

    nice vid again - I cant wait to see Part IV-VI. Just one question:

    min 25 - against a BU-ORC-range we are 62% ahead at this Flop with bottom-pair. The EQ towards the river is 52% on our side. What are your reasons for not c/r the Flop? I think there is chance that a) he calls down A-high, which he cb River most likely or maybe b) he folds better 6s or 77-88 - either of which would be good for us but can not be achieved with c/c Flop and Turn... plus all his trash like Q7 etc. has 6 outs and I rather see it fold asap than cc it for bluff induce
  • taavi1337


    liked it
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    very nice video, though I can't speak English very well, your way of explaining is very nice and easy to understand, great job!

    I'm also looking forward to the next video, your explaining skills are very good and you chose good examples.
  • opabumbi


    Hi Thorsten

    I cc because almost any turncard sucks ;) by cc i have an easy decision and can just cc basically every turn. with a cr a lot of turncards can get ugly and if he decides to raise i have an ohter ugly decision wether to call down or not unimproved. I think hes betting a very wide range on the turn, so the problem of getting freecards is imo rather small.
    By playing cc, the hand is just way easier to play ;)

    @ the others: thanks for the good feedback :)
  • adevesa


    Very nice video
  • wuerstchenwilli


    The Example at 10:30 shows a mistakes.
    BB and BU is mixed up.
  • wuerstchenwilli


    In 15:30 again BB BU mixed up.
  • Filipe


    Bom Vídeo.. :)