Back To School: Tools of The Trade 101 (1)

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This is the first "class" of the Back to School series by LemOn36 presenting all the available tools that will help you crush the game. Find out more in this thread.


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  • olorunshogo24


    great poker to trade
  • LemOn36


    Click for slides from the class:
  • trakist


    Thank you!
  • olorunshogo24


  • Markos92M


    video molto interessante complimenti
  • OldSchoolPapa


    Hope to be able to catch the next class from LemOn36. They are pretty fun and interesting. Keep on the good work Man !
  • JackieHoo


    Hi, I am using the notepad for reading books or watching video :).
    By the way ,this video is not what I expect. But Lemon36 is always funny like usual, I hope this series of second video on Mental Game could be good for study.
    I wonder one thing in this video ,is the pokerstrategy is the only pokersite for trainee video ?
    This is really upset for online poker.
    At least site like POKERMASTER or POKERKING is so popular now.
    I play but I don't use HUD for that. I notice Lemon36 in one of his video ,he should play POKERMASTER.

    Thanks for it . Really long video ,nearly 150 minutes.