Crash Course - Playing In Position As Cold-Caller (4)

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From the fourth part of the series you will learn a lot of concepts regarding playing as cold caller in position. Enjoy, leave a comment below and make sure you watch other parts of the Crash Course series.


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  • beniolinho


  • Ziomele29


  • SteveWarris


    cold call IP? spielt man das 2018 überhaupt noch groß?
  • oracul111


    What is your barreling plan if you raise bottom pair like on 5.00" and get called? Not many cards you can barrel.
  • JollyRoger74


    Hi, w34z3l.

    Can u explain 21:57 moment? If we 2bet opp and he will 3bet us, we always should fold, right? Otherwise, we lose money against TT+, 76s and 88, 55, 33. If opp called us, just second barrel and check/check river.
  • modeob


    Outstanding video!!! Very thank you!!! Amazing teacher!