Crash Course - Playing Out Of Position As Cold-Caller (3)

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The third part of this series will help you better understand the ideas behind playing out of position as cold caller. Enjoy, leave a comment below and make sure you watch other parts of the Crash Course series.


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  • DecMate


    at 26 with the 89 call.
    I think vs a random (especially on zoom) it's a fold.
    He never has any bluffs in his range here, no one would ever be raising the turn with a FD in this spot and if he has a weaker 8x then 89 I doubt he'd be raising here.
    Potentially a fish with aces may spew once in a lifetime but in general I reckon we're guna be crushed in this spot.
  • partywitdream


    nice one
  • Pafneter


  • speko253


  • Kruppe


    a call from the BB vs an open-raise isn't a cold-call, it's just a flat-call.
  • Kruppe


    2nd hand: 3betting KQo BB vs CO is super-LAG, why would you do this?