Beating NL5 Zoom with la55i

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Our microstakes mentor has created another video for you, where he plays a live session on NL5 Zoom. Enjoy and leave a comment below!


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  • CucumbaMan


    Thanks for the great video mate!
  • la55i


    I'm glad you liked it :)
  • CptJokerFish


    You just call JJ vs. UTG open and you want to set mine in 2018?
    You must really hate your money.
  • Danjo99


    Nice Video again, like everytime.
    Thx for this and all the other help in last time :)
  • la55i


    Hey CptJokerFish,

    I didn't quickly find that spot you mentioned in the video. I just found one where I was BB and villain was MP?
    I would say that the play was ok. Mixed strategy wouldn't be bad either. This is a beginner video and I believe most of the focus for beginners should be somewhere else than whether to call or 3bet JJ OOP vs an early position open. You can of course disagree with me and all criticism is definitely welcome. However "you must really hate your money" is quite strong and provoking statement. So, if you want to go there, I'm happy to compare winrates in this situation. Who knows, maybe I'll learn something new :)
  • CptJokerFish


    "However "you must really hate your money" is quite strong and provoking statement."

    - Yes thats right. :->

    Just calling JJ vs. UTG is ok. I have refereed the "you must really hate your money" statement to the call with 33. There is just one reason to call this hand in that spot but even with this reason im not sure if you should call. Just think about how often you must play check/fold in this spot and you dont win everytime villains whole stack if you hit your set and then there are also the situation where you run in a better set.(3:24 min)
  • la55i


    oooo yea that 33 hand. It is indeed a bit loose from CO vs UTG. I don't do that every time, I would actually call just 55+ as standard but I don't think calling 33 will be horrible and losing us that much money.
  • BubbleNedRum


    3:03 really easy call with K2s CO vs BB vs 3x
    3:24 also don't like the call, only if we have the read that villain is super fishy
    4:14 what do you want to accomplish with the turn bet? get better hands to fold? weaker ones to call? do you want to barrel with this combo? then if you get there with 33 on the river, this is a must bluff. you literally have zero showdown value?! if bluffing the turn makes any sense, then your goal must be to fold out better single pair hands?! that is the perfect river to do just that
    7:46 flatting 22 EP vs SB vs 3x is so 2013. IP it is already a fold, but OOP should be a snapfold

    had to stop watching there, i am sorry :(
  • la55i


    Thanks for your comment :)

    In that K2s hand I strongly disagree with you. I think K2s should be folded on BB vs CO 3x open and in my opinion it is not even that close. The call with 33 was, and as I said above it is out of my standard ranges. So I'm actually a bit surprised that you think it is a "REALLY EASY CALL". I guess you can back this up somehow? I have seen quite new preflop opening charts from other respected coaches and those do not have K2s as a call vs 3x open. Snowie wouldn't call either.

    The 33 preflop call was discussed already above. The reason to bet the turn is that both villains check twice which is a strong sign they are just giving up and since this is a mw pot they will give up even easier. I did bet half pot, so our required fold equity is just 33%. After this action I think we should attack here very frequently. When I think about this now I think the bet size should have been even smaller but I'm not so used to talking at the same time when I play so my focus is not 100%. On top of that huge fold equity we actually might have the best hand, but it is very vulnerable. We want to prevent villain from realizing his equity for free and at the same time we increase the pot a bit, if he calls with a FD and we win for example. In that case we would have showdown value. Now that villain called he probably has something decent, and OTR the board got even more connected and could have improved him. I assumed that my turn bet would make profit on the long run and just because I made that bet it doesn't automatically mean we should bomb the river.

    And lastly about that flat with 22. What would be your strategy? Do you use 3bet or fold only? That is fine but imo not the best one. Or would you fold it and call with a bit higher pockets? Also fine imo and probably a bit better to fold 22 and start calling with 55+ for example. But again, I'm amazed that we are focusing on small preflop decisions where the EV difference is not really that big.

    And claiming that it is so 2013 is quite stupid imo. Just because you play a certain way and have constructed your ranges differently (or sorry, have bought ranges from some other coach) doesn't mean a slightly different approach would be horribly wrong. I happen to know that 22 was a call in one of the most popular cg coach's ranges for last year. I guess I have to ping him and tell him he is stuck in the past. Are you now claiming that in 2018 people don't call 22 on BTN vs UTG open?

    And hey, I understand you had to stop watching. No need to say sorry. If you are past this stage where my videos can help your game, then you definitely should stop watching. However, 1) you started watching a beginner video of NL5 play 2) you are nitpicking about preflop spots that are not clearly horrible. These are probably the most boring things we could be talking about. So are you sure you don't want to watch this till the end and then maybe re-visit some other old beginner videos?


    i like his voice

    like hes talking while sleeping

    back to the topic
    you play 5nl title crushing or something like that, one member is contesting a decision you made in this 5nl game and you say that usually you do something else?
    then i have a question, if you usually do something else why t.f. you make a video at all

    o, if you want to go there, I'm happy to compare winrates in this situation. Who knows, maybe I'll learn something new :)

    you are here to compare win rates when someone says something you dont like?

    calm down, coach :)

    i dont know what stakes you play, but that doesn't matter much, whatever stakes you play being humble will help you. just an advice
  • SixtoSoler


    Nice :D
  • la55i


    Fair questions there.

    I did say that I don't do it always, and as a standard move folding is just fine, and probably a bit better. But the difference is so small in my opinion that we shouldn't focus on that. I could have folded but I didn't. I believe it is not a big thing. Whether we draw the line in 33,44,55 or 66 doesn't make us losing or winning players overall.

    And about the quote you took from above. I wasn't that sarcastic when I said I could learn something, and comparing winrates in that situation would be analyzing the spot and seeing which approach might be better :)
    I have publicly said that coaching others helps me work with my game also. And if you have watched some of my previous videos you know I talk quite a lot about mental game and have mentioned that it is very important to admit when we are wrong.

    Any criticism and comments are always welcome and I'm happy to discuss things. I will also admit when I'm wrong, otherwise I would never improve. Someone just has to reasonably prove that I'm wrong. Now we just saw provoking comments saying something I did was horrible without giving any reasoning why. I just wish if there are any real questions those would be without stupid comments that don't add anything to the discussion and just make me feel that the person isn't really even asking the question, he just wants to get some sort of reaction. And if you give your opinion, it is always good to give your reasoning and thought process too. Otherwise we can't discuss about that properly and neither of us learns.

    So, trying to be calm. Trying to be humble. I hope this cleared things up a bit and you get my replies now :D
  • CptJokerFish


    "3:03 really easy call with K2s CO vs BB vs 3x"

    Calling with K2s is not a good idea. Because K2s plays pretty bad postflop and you are OOP. GTO folds K2s vs. 30% open but starts calling vs. 40% open. I think we can take that as a guideline.

    The call with 33 is really not good but that leak is very easy to avoid.
    So I would care also about these small leaks at least if they are so easy to avoid.

    I like it that la55i is respondig to questions and criticism. He can also admit when some play was maybe not that good.

    @ la55i
    Maybe you should start a thread in forum for the video.

    There is just one thing that I dont understand:
    Accordingly to la55i´s coaching thread he plays only until NL25 but this is a silver video. o__O

    Maybe I should also become a coach lol. :-D (But I play also only until max. NL30 :-( )
    Sometimes I help friends in Skype because these guys were even losing on NL2 lol. Now after 2-3 month they are on NL10 and I have told them just a few things. So maybe its not that bad to book coaching from a other microstakes player. la55i has pretty good prices for example.

    Also this part seems to be pretty interesting for a NL2/10 player:

    "By getting coaching from me you also get:
    :diamond: A poker buddy you can chat with about anything poker related
    :diamond: Access to Skype study group (We can possibly have some group sessions in the future)"

    He seems to be okay. There are some coaches that coach until NL100. Although they are clear NL100 losing players. Thats just scam in my opinion. Maybe they are good in explaining some stuff etc. but if someone is a losing player on his limit then it lowers the chance that he is a good teacher for this limit.
  • zig04051970


    Nice Video again, like everytime.
  • Bonifacius


    Pretty solid playing. You said this limit is nemesis for you. Does it mean you don't beat it?
  • la55i


    Noo. I just struggled with it for a long time. When I got to NL10 and higher I have visited NL5 occasionally but I always seem to run bad :D

    In my current database I have about 5k hands on NL5 with 6.4bb/100 winrate so obviously my latest sessions haven't been terrible. For some reason I still don't like the limit too much.
  • bjmiller593


  • bambam32lea


  • ototot13


    lol, strong disagree wiht "K2s is easy call on BB vs CO 3x". 22 hand imo not big mistake because imo it only a mistake if player on BB is strong player and he call+ squzee alot. If he not active squezze ,fold or overcall most of the time and play not strong postflop , call 22 on SB here not a problem
  • ototot13


    and @BubbleNedRum plz back up with database analys or theory or logic behind. If not say some thing like "do this, do that..." "coach is noob, i better" is totally trash !