Collin Reviews $1M Sunday Million

  • 辅导课录像
  • 多桌锦标赛(MTT)
  • $215
  • 满员桌
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Collin does in depth review of the $1 million Sunday Million tournament, with the hole cards visible.


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  • dammescu


  • staudtmihai


  • staudtmihai


    i playd a few times in this tournament already an always lost on the end with aa ak and kk the others having 2 4 and j3 it aint right
  • Forseti07


    I'm gonna watch this
  • urewrong


    thanks there are a lot of interesting moments to improve in my game ;)
  • caicedoRJ


  • Daftpunk007


    Is it a large dog??? WTF COLIN!
  • julirichi


    At 44:35 which hands we ship also as 22 to balance our game? Small pockets and? And which hands we only minraise?
  • julirichi


    is it not very exploitable when most of our shove-range in the sb in the blindbattle are small pockets and we limp or raise better hands (when we are deeper than 13 bb) ?
  • Esteglia499


    improving my game. thanks!