Sunday Million Review - Postflop Gameplan & Battling Regs

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  • 多桌锦标赛(MTT)
  • $215
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Our expert Collin Moshman reviews Sunday Million tournament, focusing on the two main themes, fighting against regulars and playing postflop.


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  • Kranc


    wow gj man
  • sutiplay


    1:00:34 Open raising A9o from UTG???!!! WTF
  • smerti1111


    Good video, thank you.
  • Klorkknock


    wow this guy is annoying, somebody teach him to use mute mic button pls. And why always that slowmotion movie sound effect when talking? Trying to be fancy? pls stop :/
  • Jirek


    Hi Collin, thx for the nice review.
    I have a question to the AKo-Hand (one of the last hands).
    When you are Polecatrider, sitting there with QQ, how do you play this hand? Do you also push 100BB against the Hero's 4-Bet? Do you 3-bet this hand against Hero's Utg openraise?

    Thank you very much.
  • ivele


    Open raising A9o from UTG???!!! WTF
  • arttuzulu


    Haha. That was crazy man. Im really laughting.
  • Denchik96


    Thank you