Improve Your Red Line Preflop (1)

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If you wanted to improve your read line, you couldn't find a better coaching series. This is the first episode of new asimos project, where he is giving you all the knowledge he has on how to improve your red line. This part is focusing on preflop. Enjoy!


3-betting 4-betting coaching flatting live play non sd non showdown winnings PokerStars preflop red line series webinar

  • snookersky


    I really dont understand this video :(((
  • imgoingtomirage


    You should make gold and watch the whole thing :)
  • simiira


    very helpful
  • Elvispd


  • TakingAShot


    I love the approach you guys take to mixing lecture, white board style classroom, and live play videos. Very well rounded approach to learning and it's helping me a ton.