Sunday Million Satellites - How to Win Your Seat

  • 多桌锦标赛(MTT)
  • 多桌锦标赛(MTT)
  • $1 - $11
  • 满员桌
(16 投票) 9807


From this video you will learn how to qualify to one of the biggest regular major tournament available online - Sunday Million, from satellites starting with $1 buy-ins.


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  • bigzubr


    The best)
  • xXAmstaFF605


  • elnegro


  • gastonh


    excellent video!!!
  • MarinaOrel


    Very nice video, as always! I make too many mistakes, when plays this satellites (for example, i snap call A2s on bb(((() But now is ok
  • omega21


    Yeah, kinda changed the look on how to engage satellites, especially mid and late stage! great video from Collin again!
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks guys.

    #6 MarinaOrel: Thanks! Satellite play can definitely be counterintuitive :)

    #7 Omega21: Great, very glad you enjoyed it.
  • druzhische


    An amazing video! Always liked the satellites, but always treated them like some sort of a lottery *idiot* Will surely try to conquer that glorious SM! Thank you for the video!
  • psomaki


  • SawyerNS


    Now question is, how should we win in Folding War? I guess, it a lot depends of remaining spewing A2s (from example) caller, our tables huge stacks hammering and timing attack all of a sudden from 2-5 remain to ticket if it's 15 prizes (that number significantly larger when there's more places paid).
  • SawyerNS


    Def worth a shoot, and free rolling 55,509 SM:) Dream it big!

    Thanks for your time, Collin. Good job!
  • CrazyMartini


    It´s really nice to learn watching videos like that!
  • Sergeantarms


    good video man!
  • domeex


    excellent video. I realy enyoy it :D
  • Showdown13


    Nice video as always. Last 2 hands I tend to disagree though, A9o on button is a clear shove to me since SB and BB should not have any calling range looking at the guy on cutoff with around 1.5BB left (assuming it is the stone cold bubble, which wasn't clear in video).
    A10s in hija later seems way less profitable than A9o on button, so personally I would almost always shove A9o on button and fold A10s in hija there.
    Your thoughts on that? Why not shove A9o button but A10s in hija? (especially with having stack to win folding war surely and seeing one player facing his destiny with being utg having 1BB)

    All in all great video though, always nice to to watch!
    gl out there
  • Showdown13


    And obviously you are right about some players not keeping their eye on their surroundings and still making bad calls, so folding the A9o on button is the safer way surely, consequently we should fold A10s hija then as well though. ;)
  • TheDoctor64


    Hi Collin,

    really enjoyed the video and have a couple of questions.

    In your opinion Is it worth playing super-satellites, where only the winner gets another satellite ticket?

    And how does strategy change when you are 3 handed (2 tickets available)? - I was in that position recently (Hero 20bb, Villain1 20bb, Villain2 10bb), Villain2 was just continually shoving (presumably any 2) - what is the correct play in this situation?


  • Ivanildo0303


    It'a really useful
  • bolsista


    This is a really nice video, I am going to look for more!
  • Gawdless73


    Thanks always like your videos Collin
  • antegamisu4


    love the 1 dollar hyper sattelites to the sunday million, pretty soft and fast to play
  • Crazygamer88


    Thanks Collin, great strategy to gain experience and improve your game.