Sunday Million Review: In The Money

  • 多桌锦标赛(MTT)
  • 多桌锦标赛(MTT)
  • $215
  • 满员桌
(10 投票) 10241





Pokerguru740 finishes his review of the Sunday Million looking at his hands now he's in the money


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    PLease enjoy the final part of pokerguru740's review of the Sunday Million

    If you have any questions/comments for Robert please leave them below
  • BulgarianPro


    I think a flat call in position is not a bad option here
  • hans101


    26:20 i think that better option is raise(allin)because on river yoy ay see a lot of scary cards , and you give him drawing for free, what you think?
  • Sela


    really nice vid! thx!
    If aJarovs Flat really is that strong, it makes Nhfys 3bet even stronger. Id consider folding Jacks, cause i dont want to be flippin with my 40bbs. And we just got 2bb in the pot.
    But honestly, i dont know if i can toss JJs ingame here ;-)
  • Paklu


    Hero calls 16bb eff. and calls villain a "hero" for calling w/14bb eff. in the first hand. btw. name is "Jedimindtricks" not JimiHendrix :)

    I'd rather b-f A4o then induce 22bbs deep in million. Against bad maniac induce might give 60-40 for chips, but vs. most regs its bad when they get to call wide in position. Shove(as played) is obv standard.

    In the TT hand your flop check turns hand face up

    Also 13bb b-f from hijack vs. SB reraise was not obvious.

    26.20 The 88 flat when turn pairs tens is not obvious as there is only 2 tens in deck, 6 other pair cards, plenty of draws etc. so basically allin is good vs. any decent villain while flatting creates hard river spots.

    36 min Flop c-r with TPWK is way underrated. It's not nice to go for calling station mode, because after first flat every spot is hard, because hand strength is revealed.

    40 min 20bb eff. flat is actually very close to some flats you made earlier and also very strong in position even with weaker holdings. In perfect world SB could bluff quite wide, and from theory perspective 40bb with Jacks is allin hand there. However late in million there are many people who never bluff there.
  • pokerguru740


    Hans/paklu, I don't necessarily understand why you want to shove the turn, its essentially bluffing because your fearful of some rivers. However, once you call I dont think he will bluff the river that often, people overvalue their tourny life deep in majors. His turn bet and sizing was also very strong. It would be interesting to do the math on % of times he is bluffing and the % of time he has two random overs that could get there on the river against me to see if shoving turn could have any merit.
  • Sixt00


    jdimindtrix = JEDI MIND TRICKS, it s anoying to see how well you explain all the spots but when it comes to that player s name, total fail :).
  • pokerguru740


    hahah apparently my reading comprehension sucks.
  • xWoodayx


    that 77 when the guy squeezeshoves is a total instasnap imo..