Introducing Sam Phillips: $162 6-max on Sunday Review

  • 多桌锦标赛(MTT)
  • 多桌锦标赛(MTT)
  • $160
  • 非满员桌
(19 投票) 18210


Say a big hello to our new MTT Coach Sam Phillips, also known as buckguy2200 on Pokerstars. In his first video he'll be going over a recent deep run in the Pokerstars $162 6-max on Sunday tournament


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please welcome our new MTT Coach Sam Phillips and enjoy his first video

    If you have any questions or comments for Sam please leave them below
  • pleno1


    Thought this video was really really great. Loved it.
  • Jonkie76


    Nice vid, good nice voice to listen to.
  • irieE


    good vid. quite horrible audio though, plus really annoying click-sounds ... pls fix this in future releases :)
  • elphillipo


    sam I no understand u strategees elphillipo
  • EverSteel


    Hello Sam,

    37:00 55 openraise, why do we fold to a 3bet from a passive opponent who would most probably pay the whole stack with our set?
  • Smertvich


    Thanks, very nice video!
    Want to see analysis of your actual session recorded, several tables or more. Very few of those on strategy. Would be great!
  • BC1989RF


    14:25 : the 33 hand. xr > bet on the river imo. and if we do decide to bet, betting big > betting halfpot like we did. his calling range is inelastic here. or should be.

    Is it standard to always bet halfpot? especially when you have a value hand (33 at 14:25 and A8 at 30:15). I usually go v unbalanced and bet really big to take max value. Is it sth you'd advice against it?
  • EduMiravalles


    Sam is a great player probably the best in this time.
  • arthurbk99


    Muito bom