Pentathlon - Part 2

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Welcome to the latest from No-Limit player, Somnius. In the new series, "Pentathlon", Somnius focuses on various strategies and techniques which make a solid all-round poker player, or techniques which are simply a good thing to have in your No-Limit toolbox. Part two continues with advice and strategies on playing as the Pre-flop aggressor.


hand history review Pentathlon thematic video

  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second part from Somnius, focusing on play as the Preflop aggressor.

    If you are not yet Platinum, be sure to watch the first part of the series, which is Gold.

    Please leave your thoughts and feedback for Somnius, below in the comments section!
  • madsquare


    I would like to see some content about playing as PFA oop. Especially c/c and c/r combos in the line.

  • FingersMalone



    I think this video is helpful but it also highlights the problem that exists when the creator is also the editor. It is not the only film on PS to have this issue.

    I believe it would be improved if:

    it were submitted to an editor before it was uploaded to PS

    there were PS guidelines for video makers that forced them to streamline their thoughts and explain, in text, before filming, what they would like to achieve with the film, why they have chosen the hands they have etc.

    if it could be made with a second person, somebody that represented the poker student, and the film maker had to respond to specific questions posed by the student. It would help clarify the explanations and keep the creator from veering off course.

    I realise there are probably resource issues with these ideas.

    However, if PS were to implement a fresh "Guidelines for film makers" and have the creator submit a pre-production script for editing and discussion, this video, and quite a few others on PS, would greatly improve and it would be inexpensive.
  • Somnius


    #3 - that's great feedback, PS has mentioned to me a couple times to try to stay succinct. A coach/student video would definately help maintain focused content in line with what the viewers really want to know and is something we are considering for my future videos. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.