Return to Pixel Poker - Part 3

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Somnius smashes onto the PokerStars tables with his recently gathered live poker experience. Somnius explores the challenges involved with returning to the online grind from live poker and makes space for analysis of tough spots. In the third part after a short break, somnius returns to the action.


PokerStars series Session Review

  • EuanM


    Enjoy part three of Somnius return to the virtual poker world!

    Please leave any feedback you may have for the coach in English!
  • yomatiyo


  • r4zor


    i didnt like the float with the QJs hand. because you arent representing so many Kx here. u would have 3b it preflop i guess.

    and ofc your timing the river was kind of off. you bet to fast imo.

    about the 77 hand: if villain checks flop and turn he wont call your potsizebet so often. i would bet smaller.

    but overall a really nice vid :)
  • Peetfeef


    11:25 - is there any reason to presign the fold with A2o and 68o from the BTN (upper right and lower right tables at the same time)?
  • Somnius


    #4 - please include times

    #5 - no intelligent reason mistake to auto-click like that
  • eszibit


    r4zor is talking about min 3:40 and i was thinking exactly the same thing. you bet really fast when the flush hits on the river and i think you would tank a bit to adjust bet size. Also i would bet something like 28-32$ to make it look more like a value bet and i think u have the same FE esp. against middle pairs.
    77 hand also same thoughts,i would bet smaller too because he looked so weak checking back 2 streets.

    Nice vid anyway :) , hope to see more.