Sunday Million Review - Part 3

  • 多桌锦标赛(MTT)
  • 多桌锦标赛(MTT)
  • $215
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In his new miniseries Jonathan Little reviews the play of a pokerstrategist on the famous Sunday Million.


PokerStars Sunday Million Review User Session Review

  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • hazelasty


    8:20, i think that bigger 3bet turn is so better, cause on the river we have better SPR, and we can just jam in his face not over betting.
  • Kariyou77


    I would push T8s and thoose hands now.. Good to see that I probably am getting better and better ;)

    This was my first time in Sunday Million and perhaps I got nervous in the end.
  • JonathanLittle


    #2, looking back, I think either a smaller or larger turn raise would be better for the reason you mention.
  • Leito99


    I made a deepish run in the sunday million recently when I got to 300ish place (309 hands) in the week where pokerstars had double guarantees

    If you want to make a similar video on the sunday using my hand history I would love that :)