Sunday Million - Part 2

  • 多桌锦标赛(MTT)
  • 多桌锦标赛(MTT)
  • $215
  • 满员桌
(11 投票) 7483





JonathanLittle brings you a hand history review of his play at the Sunday Million.


PokerStars series Session Review Sunday Million

  • CBFunk


  • kingofACES08


    is the 3rd nr the att2steal?
    maybe it s not smart to show everybody u got 52%-steal on 36k-hand

    -> Q6o_bu 20-25bb is no steal if ur opponents know how wide u steal
  • nnssoonn


    wait wait... you can see part 1 with basic - but have to be platinum to see part 2? That's mean
  • Headzzz


    Why don't you just peel the donk on the 327 rainbow board with KK, instead of shoving? You are banishing all his bluffs. I mean you're lucky that he's got top pair, but he would definitly donk/fold his air and may be continuing with bluffs on the turn.
  • i5bet72o


    i kinda disagree with one point, imo, btn VPIP should be higher than SB VPIP b/c of the positional advantage but i guess since u r a MTT player who plays with <100bb stacks position is less important
  • Nickexistiertbereits


    pretty standard play...but well done
  • JonathanLittle


    My steal % will obviously go down to 15% after this video...

    On the KK hand, I think calling would look stronger than pushing because it doesnt make much sense at all. I guess we could call the flop, check back the turn, then push the river when checked to, but honestly, when he bets that large on the flop, I would be surprised if he is folding stuff like Ax.
  • label55


    I dont like the call with 22 blind vs blind, but very nice video , ty
  • Tillit


    22 against random is just 50,36% instead of 55% cause against a range of all cards with a 2 in them and all pockets you just got 45,4%, but the good thing is its still 47,7% against a 50% opening range. Or do you leave a part of his very strong range out in this place?
  • JonathanLittle


    You can usually discount the very strongest hands from his range. Calling with hands like 22 is never fun but sometimes needs to be done.
  • konki87


    where is the part 3???
  • pokerjan


    Where is it?