MacDaddy34 playing NL1k

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New highstakes video by MacDaddy34 who plays NL1k and talks about his spots.


FullTilt Live Video

  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the first video of our new highstakes producer, MacDaddy34!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • domonox


    chris griffin :)
  • Spitzbuben


    dude you shudnt make videos. overthink it :/
  • stylus20


    i really liked the video, especially the thoughts about getting under the skin of fish. hope for more vids in this kind of format (or single hand review in Holdem Manager).
  • CraZyNeX


    @4 you leveled yourself, overthink it :/
    @video nice, plz more
  • abakusschwarz


    boring stuff, made my nap after 20 min
  • cYde


    Really good vid. I'd love to see you playing NL2k+!
  • Abnoe


    ~9:00, bottom right, A2cc on Ax3c8c9x8x:
    you conclude that 89 is the only real value hand he can have, and while that may be true (altho i dont think you can discount 33) what sort of bluffrange would you assign him when he bets almost pot on the river?
    unless we have reason to assume he randomly spazzes i think its a pretty easy riverfold.
  • tmy


    really listen to this video macdaddy34, you may work on your voice, very monoton

  • joosP


    besides of the monotone speech, i liked it.
  • Spitzbuben


    #6 haha tx for the hint
  • kappe69


    lol, he sounds like Forrest Gump
  • afrika1988


    @6 he was like" don't do it or you'll loose a big slice of your edge" i agree but i think that guy made enough moneyz, so he probably doesnt care ;)

    awesome video btw
  • Partyboiii91


    you cant really bluff the fish 4 time in a row lol.
  • IronPumper


    General question:
    I strongly guess you make this "show_the_cards-stuff" only with fishes and usually never (giving away information) with REGs?
  • antoniocalado


    guys give him some time...thats just the first video. Be polite about others work.
  • ichhabkeinezeit


  • locasdf


    I have some questions regarding your preflop range balancing. You flat AJs in the small blind at the very beginning of the video, because there's a fish in the big blind (which is obv totally fine). At 25:45 you 3bet T7o against a regular opening in MP with a big fish in the big blind left to act. Wouldn't you be flatting most of your strong hands as well to keep the big blind in (assuming he doesn't overcall 3bets too much, so that particular guy isn't the best example)? If I'm in your spot, I would shy away from 3betting (especially as a bluff), because I don't want to 3bet big hands and tend to think other regulars realize this (and therefore bluff4bet alot / stack off very widely preflop in order to counter any 5bet bluffs).
  • Huckebein


    Hi guys, Macdaddy34 is currently in holiday, so he cannot answer to your comments instantly.
  • IronPumper


    I would like a bet here b/c he is so capped most of the time -> hence you can/shoud actually here a ton, imo.
    You can imo rep here at least 88,55, A5s, A8s, A7s, A9s, and of course some hands like KT-KQ in hearts. QhJh,QhTh....
    I mean wouldn`t you like to here a 2Pair (b/c you said tat you are basically repping only flushes).
    Balancing a wider valuerange should should also be no problem when you take opportunities like this here and turn your weak-SD-Value into a bluff...
    -> What you think about this one?
  • Cornie4ever


    nice vid. would appreciate something on RUSH on FT as well :-)
  • iNspiRe


    Hey there, MacDaddy34.
    Here is one question from russian community:

    Do you have any edge over your opponents on NL1k, and if you do - what kind of edge is it and how does it manifest?